JURI workshop on the future of European company law | 14 June 2016

The JURI committee (Legal Affairs) of the European Parliament organises a workshop on the future of European company law. Themes among others are:

  • faster establishment of new companies,
  • electronic business registers,
  • online communication with shareholders,
  • cross-border operations.

It will be possible to follow the workshop through webstreaming. Below follows the announcement:

[ The Future of European Company Law ]

14-06-2016 – Workshop on The Future of European Company Law 
31-05-2016 – 17:10

The Commission’s “Digital Single Market Strategy” has recognised that innovative entrepreneurs are central to the digital economy. However, businesses are still held back by regulatory fragmentation and barriers which make it harder for them to operate across borders within the Internal Market. Established companies should be able to expand operations cross-border online and be pan-European faster than nowadays.

Establishment and registering of a new companies should be possible also much faster, some propose even within 24 hours.

Digitalisation of public live in the last years will also influence modifications of the legal framework of Company Law. Challenges in this context for companies and public authorities in the years to come might be therefore interconnected electronic business registers between states and communication with share-holders and company owners exclusively online. The workshop by PolDep C, “The Future of European Company Law”, will host various independent external experts on those issues, invited to contribute to a discussion during a meeting of the committee.  on Legal Affairs ( JURI) on 14 June by submitting briefing papers and to come to Brussels to engage with MEPs on the Future of European Company Law.

In the second part of the workshop “The Future of European Company Law”, questions concerning “Ongoing issues in International Corporate Governance” will be discussed.

In the third part, cross-border operations like mergers, transfers and divisions will be on the agenda. As to divisions, there is still no EU level framework for cross-border divisions and companies wishing to undertake a cross-border division have to perform several operations, such as a national division and a cross-border merger. As to cross-border conversions the EP had recommended in 2012 that the EU legislator should expand the Cross-Border Mergers Directive into a real cross-border mobility directive, which covers not only cross-border mergers and cross-border divisions, but also transfers of seats.

Location : Brussels, JAN 6Q2

Draft Programme

Source: announcement on the EP website.


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